Hey, I’m Elevator.

Some of you might know who I am, I’m really not sure xD

Anyways, I used to come on PCB a little bit with Skee (MrSkee) and Emma (used to be emmaapple, but she changed her name now). I haven’t really played Minecraft for a few months, but I plan on coming on here often now.

Just something about me: I’m 15 and am a sophomore in high school this year (10th grade), I live in New Jersey, and I’m good friends in real life with skee (MrSkee) and I’m still good friends with others from here, such as Emma. I also have a big obsession with Starbucks xD

Well, hope to see you on the server!

i already like you

you quote stealing melon

whatchu gon do about it

Well, finally, you’ve posted something instead of all the lurking you do on the forums. xD

Welcome back, Elevator. Bring Skee back with you, too!

Vir is a cabbage, now I’m a melon. Nooiiice




Hello!!! :smiley:

It’s me.

Man… I used to be friends with emmapple too. By chance, Elevator, do you know who BlockMonster200 is? If you don’t, ask Emma, then ask her about me. The reason for this… well I’ll explain it when you get on.


I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet.

Great minds think alike :slight_smile:

to go over everything

It’s me…
I was wondering if we could go over what I did wrong.”
–Gabvader, 2K15