Hello, I am madant79 from Alberta, Canada. I teach middle school and am trying to figure out a way to use Minecraft in my classroom. I have played off and on for a while, but still consider myself a newbie. I have two young kids, and they both love playing with me when I am on the server. I was looking for a friendly server where I can learn some of the ins and outs of playing.

Bit about me…well I love to travel, and lived in Texas, La Réunion, Mauritius and Madagascar; actually Madagascar is where my name comes from - Madagascar, Antananarivo - the city I lived in. I teach French and English, and I also DJ in my spare time.

Well this is a surprise. We have had adults and parents join PCB, but I think your the first teacher. We welcome you of course.

I am especially interested in what your goal is for the classroom. Creativity? Architecture? General fun? All of the above? I mean, will you bring your class to the server as an outing? I recommend creative so they can build without restrictions.

Oh, perhaps you can have them try the more advanced Redstone wiring. We have had people build working calculators in game for example. Basic programming!

Welcome once again. I hope you find what your looking for.

I would gladly help you =D (my mother is also a teacher) I always wondered if minecraft could be implemented on school to improve creativity and social skills.

And Welcome to ProjectCityBuild

Welcome! I’ve seen you about a bit.

I’ve heard of minecraft being used for educational purposes before, so I’m sure a quick google search will bring up some interesting stuff! It always seems to be that teacher is one of the jobs a lot of parents have, but that may just be me noticing it more as my mum’s a teacher and my Dad has a more obscure job.

Make sure you have them turn swearblocker on if you decide to let them on the server.

Also, if you need help with anything just msg me in game, i would gladly help you!

WELCOME :smiley: its nice to see adults playing minecraft, sometimes its nice to have some more mature players. I wish you were my teacher, id love to play minecraft at school lol

Thanks for the welcome. just to fill you in, the last project I did with my students was recreate scenes in the novel that we were reading. The class had to create everything based on what we read, and then add in the details. It was pretty awesome.

There are a few sites and mods dedicated to using it in the classroom, but I have not had the chance to test them out.

Seems I’m a tad late on the welcome train, but either way… Hello! Welcome to PCB! I hope you enjoy your time on here and have a blast! =D Pretty neat that we have a teacher and a DJ on the server and also another fellow Canadian. =p See you around!

Bienvenue a PCB. C’est un plaisir pour faire votre connaissance!

Welcome!! I am koalamama aka koala. If you have any questions or concerns you can always let me know. ./mail send koalamama [message] or just shoot me mail on the forums. I love the idea behind using minecraft in the classroom. I hope your family and possibly your students have a blast here at pcb! Welcome again!!

Teachers… My weakness.