Hi my name is gtahenz and I’ve been playing on the test server for like this whole month. Me and my friends PandaTimmy, Wolves_Howl_13 and x_Arch_Gunner play together. I haven’t been on the main server but you know i’l join soon :slight_smile: Anyways yeah just so you guys could get to know me a bit more



Welcome to PCB! Our main server should be updated as soon as a stable bukkit is released so stay tuned :smiley:

Bienvenue a PCB!
!Bienvenido a PCB!
Welcome to PCB!

Thanks Kakashi :smiley:

welcome to pcb mate. hope to see ya when we update!


Hehe, kakashi. >.>

Do I know you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome! You’ll love it here, bro

welcome to the wunderba server we call home, hope to see great builds from you, GL!


Welelcome bro

what they all said. Welcom

Welcome to our community :slight_smile:

Welcome! ;D

Hello, gtahenz :slight_smile: