Ein grusse aus schweiz fur projectcitybuild! :slight_smile:
(use google translate or pm me for a trainslation!)
Lol, im in my hotel so im still here!


En allemagne?

Guys stop speaking in other languages

Ack vas!

Je parle beaucoup des langues andy. It is my right to speak them :stuck_out_tongue:

Es-yay it-way is-way our-way ight-ray o-tay peak-say another-way anguage-lay.

(Ig-pay atin-lay (Pig latin))

mucho grande taco

Very large taco… really ggg? xD

El Mucho gato in el pantelones


Ot enoyreve, ew lla evah eht thgir ot kaeps ni yna egaugnal ew tnaw, on rettam woh driew.
(This is a language spoken by the character Miles in “The Candymakers” by Wendy Mass)

its backwards. I always try to mess with people by writing backwards.