Hello World!

Hello! :3
I’ve joined this forum and server in hopes of starting a new city or helping one of you with building a town/city!

Please do message me if you want me to be in your team, or message me in hopes of starting a new build!

You can see a few of my builds (Ignore the one made for a laugh)
Journeyman Architect ^


I like the builds, hope to see some of that standard or even better appearing in towns around the server :stuck_out_tongue:

Yo! Welcome to PCB!

Welcome to PCB!

just wondering: where are you from?
(so much dutch houses :P)

Nice builds!

And welcome :slight_smile: Great to have some new skilled builders appearing on the scene.

sup. yeah go make a town and give Ani some more competition =3

Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time at PCB! :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome welcome, I hope you enjoy your stay creepyface


Thanks for the welcoming guys! :slight_smile:

and I’m from England, but I just have interests in different styles from around the world.


Welcome! You are now one of us…

Hey man :smiley:

You’ve become apart of one crazy server XD (Fun crazy I think)

Just ask if you need anything

~ Em_The_Squid_AssasinXD

I dont know if you noticed it but this topic is eh… Kinda old already.