Post pictures, new members means fresh faces! Remember, no mean comments about others, find the positive and comment on the good. :slight_smile: Keep it friendly, we’re all a big, disfunctional family here!~ :smiley:

I’m picking this pic because PIKACHU! And be jelly! SUPAHR JELLLYY!

I think it really brings out my face :wink: (WARNING LARGE IMAGE)


I have the perfect picture to post tomorrow after school. So yeah suspense it up for my amazing picture ladies and males who are suspenseful for my amazing picture… of awesomeness! (its probably gona suck but gota get hype to be hype.)

As you can see I really love Christmas

Me, at CERN, again.

This is still the latest picture of me.

We both have many chins

Part 3? this is like… Number 7 xD

I only have 1 normally, its cos i was looking down it sort of merged with my neck…

Enjoying a G and T at christmas :smiley:

Whoa guibo, lookin’ good bro. Here is a pic of me, no hatin’ please

Ka; Are you on the left, or the right? OR ARE YOU THE HELICOPTER??!?

Whu & Ouhai; I has many a chins toooo!~ (This is definitely one of the sexier pics of me…)

Also, Guibo! I need to get you a shirt that says POSH on it. I don’t know why, but you’re the dffinition of posh. :smiley:

Woah, you’ve been to CERN? Perhaps not quite as impressive as my job. I work for the goverment (Yes, really. I work at the Goverment Digital Service making cool things like this: https://www.gov.uk/

Also is that like your house guibo? And I second the movement for the POSH t-shirt! Aaand, that thingy you posted is broken kurry

Last time I posted a picture, people seemed to doubt it was me… But this time, everybody can tell that this is a genuine picture:

Woaaaah, you work for the government?!

Ahaha, I would look so cool it!

Yes in the literal sense, no in the “I work for the goverment…” sense (Although working at the GDS would be a great cover story for an MI6 agent).
Also I’m on the ECWR (Emergency Cyber Warfare Reserves) register (it’s basically the army reserves but more glasses and tea, and drills involve less marching and more hacking), so if the UK got hacked in an act of warfare, I’d be one of the 800-ish people ensuring infrastructure is not taken out.

This message will self destruct in 10 seconds…

EDIT: Also, congrats on your promotion kurry!

I’m the helicopter :wink:

Guibo, I agree with the posh lable. The first thing I thought of when I saw your pic there was of the young Professor Xavier from X-men: First Class. Anyone else see it?

I haven’t… is it any good?

I may have went a bit over the top with that picture but it was really the most recent…

No no, its not my house octopus. :slight_smile:

This is my most recent pic i have on FB

Her GF was taking the pic, and was all like " YOUR NOT TOUCHING HIM"

so this is what we got.