Hello there!!

My name’s Alicia. (ign MissAlicia73) I’ve been playing on pcb for quite some time now, but haven’t really gotten to meet many people. SO, I’d like to formally introduce myself. :slight_smile:

Welcome to pcb!! It’s nice to meet you! My username is koalamama, but most people call me koala. If you need help or anything feel free to let me know!! I hope you love the server as much as I do! :slight_smile:
Have fun!
<3 koalamama

Thanks!! ;D

Welcome MissAlica to Project City Build enjoy your stay! Also if you need anything let me know and I can help!

welcome, I hope that we can speak to each other in the future :slight_smile:

Welcome to PCB! If u need any help let me know :smiley:


Hey hey, Its nice to see you post.

It’s a little late having seen you and all but welcome. Also why do I feel everyone gave a rather normal welcome except Kyle. Sheesh to keep them longer you know we have to appeal normal at first.

Hi there, nice to meet you, enjoy yur time in PCB with everyone!