Hello, I'm Max (vors01)

Hello I am Max, my in game name is vors01, I am 14 and I go to [PLEASE ENTER TEXT HERE] and I live in [PLEASE ENTER TEXT HERE], I have been on this server since October 2014, but I haven’t gotten around to creating a ‘hello world’ thing. As of now, I have 2 cities that I will probably not going to improve (Seaspear and Oakwell) though only Oakwell has a warp. I have 2 projects in process (both in creative), Harold, who is a giant flying turtle with a city on his back (he is currently being delayed (making his shell is really boring) and the project that is currently in progress is a medieval city yet to be named (I started it yesterday). I am obviously a High Lord and my titles are listed below:

High Lord of Oakwell and it’s castle Oakwell Keep,
Lord of Seaspear and it’s castle Hightower,
Lord of the Turtle, Harold,
Lord of the Medieval city of Yet_To_Be_Named,
Owner of the Lords Rail (no. 1 creator of railways and railway related goods),
Holder of the Golden Spanner,
Protector of Dwarves and Men,
Breaker of Chains,
and Bane of the Evil Overlord YoshiBoy13 and his dominions.

Yours Sincerely

High Lord Max

Welcome for October
OMG DEM BRACKETS INSIDE BRACKETS DOE! (Not sure thats how brackets work (but who cares) so good job)

Also you might wanna close the brackets as you opened them, put more brackets inside the brackets then didn’t close the brackets:

May have a slight obsession with brackets ATM…

Why do you have an account for your username and this account?

(A missing close-paren(thesis) creates tension throughout the whole day

Octo, I have a vors01 account and a vors01_/High Lord Max account because I was trying to log on, but I could not find where it was, so I just created a new account on a new email adress… And anyway the vors01 account hadn’t been used, so there was nothing to use.


As a response to the both of you, my excuse is I simply forgot (I know you probably won’t accept this (Josh particularly) but it will have to do!)


See! See! I did it there…
Are you proud of me?