Hello! I'm an oldie!

Yo whaddup pplz! I’m back! For those who do not know me already I’m Buddy. I build all kinds of styles and play both survival and creative. Don’t be shy to hit me up here on ingame! Cya m8s! :wink:


I’m not familiar with ya, but welcome back!


[size=7pt]But seriously, welcome back!

Welcome back!

Welcome back!

Welcome Back and it’s nice to meet! =D

Welcome Back!!

Yooooo Buddy! Welcome back!!!

Never met you but… that’s great!

Heyo man! I’m still around on the forums :slight_smile: How’s life?

Really? Are you an oldie? Well WELCOME BACK :smiley:

I’ve seen you post before, Buddy. And any buddy is a buddy of mine. Welcome back. :slight_smile:

Welcome back buddy! It is nice to see oldies comming back!

Heey Budd! LG! What’ve you been up to since I was away?


Not too much haha! If it’s still there I made /warp portroyal with Angel and Odious but not much else. I’m really going to be inactive until maybe summer but hopefully I’ll see you on before then! What have you been up to?

welcome back bud

I remember your name. Can confirm oldie