Hello, Hello, I'm Back Again

That’s right, its me again.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a friend of Asmodean_ (retired OP). I made my first forum post in January 2015, after having been on the server since maybe October 2014, and my last forum post in September 2016. I have had multiple names on the server, those being vors01, HighLordMax and now TheUKMax (after, of course, Octo/TheUKOctopus). I also go by AreaXimus on steam/discord.
I’m currently 18 - heading off for uni in September - really sad, I know…
I’ve been coming on and off for a few months now, building my Roman style town (as of yet unnamed, pictures included below) (at roughtly X=6900, Y=-1250) with my girlfriend, though she is building her own medieval town a little down the coast, but I thought I should probably make a forum post about having returned (I’ve spend the evening looking through my relatively short list of forum posts).
I’ve seen a few familiar faces, but mostly new ones, but I hope all are having fun on this server that has entertained me for many years now.

Anyways, it’s lovely to be back,


Picture of Roman town: http://prntscr.com/mdhh5r
Also, for all of you are fretting, I have brought my multiple layers of brackets and extended clauses with me as well.

Firstly holy shit what a beautiful town, secondly welcome back Max!!! :grin: