Hello from pandaguy999

Hello everybody i just joined projectcitybuild and am happy to be here
I was invited by my friend Yoshiboy13 so thanks to him
Thats all from me :slight_smile:

Willkommen! I am minikitkat! I hope to see you around!

Hey whats up! have fun on the server and I hope to see you :smiley:

Welcome to PCB! If you need any help with anything at all feel free to ask!


[size=8pt]Hi there! Welcome to the PCB community! <3

I am koalamama, also known as Koala! I am on quite often and I hope to see you around!

If you need anything just let me know!

If I am ingame, you can ./msg koalamama [message]
If I am not ingame you can ./mail send koalamama [message]

Again, welcome to the community! I hope you love the server as much as I do!

oh hi Iā€™m ggeee
I;m a pretty EPIC guy dont worry I know how u feel but its okay dont worry because I kno how uo feel man feelin me feelin you? Good man man