Hello from Church

      I'm new to the whole mine-craft thing, I just started playing about a month ago. My friend showed me and I was a bit skeptical but the game grew on me. So here I am joining a mine-craft forum and introducing myself. I play Call of Duty mostly and Medal of Honor. I have an X-Box live gamer-tag available upon request and an X-Fire account. You'll see me in the main server in lavasurvival or flatgrass building random objects. I look forward to having positive relations with the staff here and the SOP's and OP's. 


     Oh, by the way, if your wondering why I have two different names it's because SSgtGhillie is my mine-craft accounts name, for everything else I use Church. Church comes from RvB if anyone knows that you-tube series :P

Well, am certainly a fan of RvB. It is now a youtube series? When I watched it, it only existed from roosterteeth.com and nowhere else.

Anyway, glad to have you Church. We usually keep our minecraft name and user name the same. It helps keep track of everyone.

See ya around.

have a good time with us ill use church as your name as kyle said. it will be nice getting to know you but all i really have to say it welcome ;D

Welcome to PCB :smiley: