Hello from Ark

Hello fellow PCBers! Some may have seen me (Arkalis) in the classic server but until now I stepped into the forums.

What can I say, I have quite some experience in forums so I’m happy to be able to comment and discuss here with you guys.

Also, I noticed that members use some titles like Newbie, Adv. Builder and OP. Are those separate from the server? I’m adv. builder in the server.


normally theres two, one for your server rank, then one above that for your forum rank, it gets higher as you post more or something XD, Welcome to the server! =D

It gets changed if I (or any other admin) are aware or notified of people’s rank. They aren’t linked to the server so it has to be done manually

now that you mention it andy, i am a server op :stuck_out_tongue: