Hello Everyone

Hi everyone, I’m LuckySmash, and as I’m sure you’ve guessed, i’m new to Project CityBuild! (It’s always hard to come up with good topic names for these welcoming boards…)

I’ve actually been on the Project CityBuild server for a few days now, but I figured I’d introduce myself now. So, hello. So far what I’ve seen is awesome and I hope to be able to contribute a lot to the survival server. I still don’t completely understand the whole market system (I would love to set up a shop soon!) but I think I’ve gathered the necessary materials to make something respectable. I’m also staying in the same house as Ninjamonk377, who was banned for griefing. I know he’ll replace it though so I’m hoping he’ll be able to make an appeal and come back on. This is getting off topic, I’m rambling.

I hope to enjoy the community here as well, and maybe browse the forums a bit more.

Welcome to the community!

The market system is easy and complex at the same time.
Quick summary:
Players can buy and sell items at the admin market under spawn.
You can get money (Credits) by killing hostile Mobs.
You can also set up your own shop to make money. All you need is a chest, a sign and some stock.
Details on how to set up a chest shop is at /warp playermarket
You can have a shop in the player market, just place a sign reserving it and it’s yours!
Chest shops can be placed anywhere so you can have shops all over the server.

^ He did a good job of summarizing. And welcome :smiley:

Welcome, hope you have a good time here. :slight_smile:



Welcome to PCB! If you have any trouble in game feel free to message me. /msg ka_52

Welcome, Ka_52

Welcome! Hope you’ll have a lot of fun!

Welcome! I hope that you have lots of fun on this server!