Hello city builders

Hi there, been a while since i’ve played minecraft, had a real itch to do some building without only having creepers for company, so thought id google myself a city building community, you guys where top of the list so i hope i fit in!
My names luke ( lukearoo22 ), i am a 30 year old chef in essex uk.
Naturally i dont get a lot of time to myself so you wont see me on to often,

but for now im building myself a medium sized building over in testcity, i try to work more on interiors more than exteriers so i wont be to oftended if my work makes you reach for the tnt any chance you get.
its called jade plaza, its fictional and will be about 10 storys tall, the tower itself being oval.
( if i get round to finishing it)
for now its just the carparks, ground floor shops and an elevated garden, but i should be able to get the tower up within a week or so. let me know what you think ( i appologise for my horrendous use of paint-net

Welcome to the server! I’ll be sure to check out Jade Plaza when I get the chance.

Welcome man,
We’ve actually been searching for interior decorators for Big City, if you’re good at that the more the merrier

Welcome to the server! People who actually enjoy interiors are very scarce, and spread apart. You’ll be a huge help to Big City, and the whole server. ;D

Welcome! Nice to finally see another older face amongst us :wink:

As Wairoa said, we need interiors for BigCity, so if you see us online we can copy a building over for you to do the interiors for :slight_smile:

I also enjoy interiors much more than exteriors, maybe we could try working together sometime? Once again, I can’t wait to see what sort of skills you bring to the table.

just out of town for a few days, should be around to play around Friday ish, i should probably get myself a laptop again :slight_smile:

Welcome to PCB! I agree with you that interiors are the BEST! If you need any help at all give me a shout (User: Smaugified_YT)

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