Hello... Again!

Greetings world of Projectcitybuild. I am actually the one whom you have previously known as Velite.
I have mustered the cash to simply buy my own account instead of using somebody else’s as I have been doing, and now It’s registered to my e-mail and whatnot.
I can still go onto the PCB as velite to confirm this, and I will start transferring locks and whatnot so I will be on both Velite and Metazealot for the time being.
However, I cannot access the PCB site Velite account because I forgot the password and unfortunately it was linked to my dad’s e-mail from before I moved, and thus I cannot access the ‘reset password’. I understand If I do not re-gain my “trusted” rank from Velite immediately, but I will begin transferring control of my structures and items in Farcoast to myself.
Also, by the way, if anyone had any idea why I haven’t been here for two months, I got out of Cadet Basic Training at the United States Military Academy about two weeks ago. I will be able to play on weekends and perhaps during my occassional non-homework-laden night. Looking forward to seeing you all again!

i was just thinking about you the other night mate. welcome back!
i put the farcoast warp back so that shouldn’t be an issue getting back home. hope all is well, and looking forward to seeing you on more often!

If you can prove to me (or any other staff member) you are Velite I will happily reset your website account password and reinstate your Trusted rank.

Welcome back!

_andy i was just talking to him in game
its deff Velite.

how would one go about changing rank? ill do it for you if you can tell me how on the new website

You go to their profile > modify profile > account settings. I changed it to trusted.

thanks sippeh

If you want me to reset Velite’s website password, PM me a temporary password and I’ll change it to that.

Then you can simply change it back. I don’t think I’ve met you yet Vet, but I can’t wait to :slight_smile:

Welcome back :slight_smile: