Hello again!

It’s me Kedji, I’m posting this because well, I’m back!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and I would like to say sorry if I failed to become a proper operator for the server. I’ve been inactive for several months now, mainly because of College, and now recently, family problems. I’m trying to sort these things out, but since its now summer vacation here, I now have time to do my job here in PCB.

For those who don’t know me, I am quite an ‘old’ player, joined the server since its classic days. I’ve sticked with the server for several months, but because of high school, got inactive. Then I came back a few months ago, but once again got inactive. So, I’ll assume most players wouldn’t know me at all.

So yeah, I’ll do my best to become an active member of PCB once again, like in the old days (wherein I’m always online everyday). I hope I see you guys again In Game soon! ;D

Kedji! Your finally back! :smiley: It has been quite a while since i remember seeing you on. Can’t wait to see you in game soon. ;D

I saw you ingame =D I’m glad you came back! Sooo… WELCOME BACK KEDJI ;D

Welcome back! :slight_smile:

Saw you again, glad to see you back! :smiley:

Hi!!! Now go work on the dam! Welcome back

Good to see you back, sad about the family issues though.

Hooray! Welcome back :smiley:

Welcome back mate. and Welcome to Treetop! ;D

Yep! I have seen him in game a few time now. Good to have one of my favorite classic builders back. Your buildings always seem to have impressed me.


Hi :stuck_out_tongue:

Last time I seen you on the server I was member… WERCUM BACK KEDJI! :smiley:

KED! You gotta sell me some more wood stuff! (That’s the only reason I used your shop in 1.8 xD) Welcome back!

this may be a little late to when the post started but im glad your back. ;D ;D

happy to have you back!
Can’t wait for you to put your epic red-stoneing to good use! :slight_smile:

:o How did I not see this post earlier? I saw you in the hunger games and was like… :o?! Decided not to say anything as everyone else seemed to know you were back, so I assumed you would be/had posted like this xD

Anyhoo, welcome back :smiley:

i have to use the forum’s more so that is what i am planing to do…
“from here on i wolfcupcake am going to use the forum’s more” ;D

Hi Wolfcupcake. (imagine that in the shark voice from Finding Nemo lol)

thank you for the help “Goofmobber” i could not have done it with out you ;D
i hope i can lorn more about the forum’s…
the more i use them the more i will lorn about them so in the end it’s a win win ;D