[size=18pt]Homer’s Construction Co.

[size=10pt]Hello PCB, recently I have created a construction, and landscaping company. The name is HCC.Well, why you ask? Well, a lot of people were hiring some random people to landscape and do the job, but of course the person would like a pay right? Well, here at HCC we want pay, but not much read the thread to find out more information!


Well, here at HCC we don’t want pays, but we only want them for large jobs like 200 blocks or more, anything below 200 is absolutely free! We also give out coupons, 10, 20, even 50$ off! Wow!

[size=10pt]Employee Application Help

You can obtain the application from the main server by first mailing me, then we will settle down somewhere and talk about your skills and all that stuff.
[size=10pt]Employee Pays

Well, I am really poor and can only afford about 10$ pays, so I will not be paying until I get about 3k I am nearly there, so no need to worry!

[size=10pt]Company Locations

Well, currently we have only one location, Farcoast. Our HQ will be there and maybe 1 or 2 customer buildings. We will try to get some shops where you can get the coupons from also. I will update this list frequently when we get more locations, etc.

[size=10pt]Executives+ List

I have decided to create a ranking system:


Head Contractor:Metazealot

Administrators:Piehole314, TheGreyAsteroid

Executives: None! You can apply! (must be on the server for over 1 Year)

Contractor: None

[size=10pt]Employee List

Organization Manager: None

Organizers: None

Landscapers: TheGreyAsteroid

Security Manager: None

Security Team: None

Secretary: None

[size=10pt]Sponsers of HCC



Well, the HCC Rules are pretty simple, we only have rules:

[ul][li]Keep the Customers happy[/li]
[li]Don’t abandon the job[/li]
[li]Don’t ask for pay if job is under 200 blocks[/li]
[li]Don’t yell at customers.[/li][/ul]


[ul][li]Q.Where can we meet?[/li]
[li]A. Anywhere you would like as long as no one can come there and disturb us.[/li]
[li]How much would it cost to get work completed?[/li]
[li]A. Well, it would depend on the size of the job.[/li]
[li]What do I do with the coupon?[/li]
[li]A. You would give it to me when you want me to start the job, then I will take 10, 20, or 50$ off.[/li][/ul]

More questions & answers will come soon!




Lndscapper plz