This has probably been stated many times before somewhere, but I couldn’t find it. Malicious hacking is of course, forbidden, and currently I am banned, so this doesn’t even apply for like 20 days, but what if I use a hacked client without activating any maliciousness?

The hacked client I am thinking about downloading is Huzuni, because its fun to mess with my friends on their personal server, but I know nothing would be allowed on PCB. Also, would the server auto detect it and like, kick me out immediately or what?

I promise nothing here is about actually using hacks on your server.



I mean, you could like, not use one at all. They often come with keyloggers and other malware…

It’s entirely possible to have two separate clients - one for your haxor’d trolling and a vanilla one for PCB.

Oh, true. I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks!

From reading the rules, you can use hacks (Suggested to only use hax on creative instead of survival) AS LONG as the hacks are not malicious to the server.

You may not use ‘hacks’ you may use client side mods, that don’t give you an unfair advantage or affect other players.
Examples of banned mods include:

  • Superpickaxe
  • X-Ray

Examples of allowed mods include:

  • Tabbychat
  • Trans (Language translation)
  • Optifine