Have to take another leave

Hey friends. I’m regrettably going to have to take a leave from the server again, I no longer have the time to put towards it, the free time I do have is mindlessly wasted online to no avail. I find myself trying so hard to help, with little to do about it. Giving all my time to the server is by no means a bad thing , I’ve loved it here, but I cant dedicate myself to it when i’m not getting anything back, what I mean to say is, without being able to help, i’m not feeling i’m taking anything away from the server anymore. I feel that, after the presumable declination of my recent application for mod, it’s probably still a time issue, something your all aware I don’t have right now. I was hoping to stick with the server long enough get promoted to mod, that way I could get that warm feeling form helping others and genuinely feel needed here. However, with that not being the case I regret to inform you all that I will be leaving project city build to attempt to make my way in the big world before my feet. I’m 18 now guys, nearly 19, I have a girlfriend I hope to be in a position to support for the future and signing onto this server for hours everyday effectively doing nothing of benefit to any of you kinda breaks my heart a little bit. I hope you understand my choice now, to look for a job and hone the skills I have to be a positions to build upon the future I wish to endeavor for.

I hope theres no hard feelings, I’ve loved trying to help you guys out to the best of my ability but with my situation at the end of college, having to leave because of mental health issues, I was unable to leave with any grades for my a level exams. I’m a bright guy with lots of prospects, but with my age I no longer have time to waste. Thankyou to those of you who made me feel welcome here. Who knows, when I sort things out and have an income coming in, I may return to check up on my friends.

Live life to the fullest Red! Live it like no one else has! Adios Amego!

Thank you Sacred, I wish you the best of luck with all you do.

Thanks Red! We will always be here should you want to come back! Good Luck with finding a job/place to stay.

Thank you, i’ll keep you all posted,

D: Awww, ima miss you red. :frowning: I hope you can get things under control soon.

Red, ill miss you mate. U fixed my Sig, the most recent time, and we’ve had some good discussions in-game.

Just remember one thing that i was told a long time ago: its not always the things we get in return that matter, its what we did, and how well we did it that really matters, not the opinions of the your peers.

Good luck out there - It’s a big scary world, nothing like our peaceful, tranquil server.
You can still come and play without dedicating hours to it though. Just play on weekends if you want. I don’t like people leaving ‘for good’ even if it is just for a while.

Good luck with the future :slight_smile: I hope to at least see you around on the forums from time to time.