Have a puzzle

This adventure begins at survival spawn. I headed 1000 miles north and came across a sign carved into a massive glowstone pillar tucked away in the jungle. It told me there was great wealth to be found. It led me places until I found a long lost chest buried by the ages. In it I found riches…
Follow the clues to uncover the prize! Good luck.

Here is another clue for those who don’t want to swim so far.
I was too lazy to swim across the oceans and to scale the mountains. So I used my magic and created a portal for all those who follow. It is in the great dining room where we all dined and sang to music from the jukebox on that first night, wearing our Santa hats in spawn.

Please do not post the final location of the treasure.

UPDATE: The puzzle has ended. 24 players managed to make it to the very end. Congratulations!

That was fun and hard. Just how I like it! :slight_smile:

That was fun. and you used one of my builds :stuck_out_tongue:

That was an entertaining tour through PCB! I feel like it’d be really hard for the newer people.

Yomi ruined it for me >:(

It was an awesome puzzle, but I think you should be a little more descriptive with your clues. Ex: If you want to say a town in the desert and we have like 3 desert towns, then try adding just a little more so we know which desert town your talking about.

That was a sweet journey. I did not have much difficulty. I expected it to be longer actually. Visit more towns!

I couldn`t find the second last hint for the longest time… thanks for the prize :smiley:

I made those last few quite vague to make it harder. Everything else should have been quite straightforward. The next puzzle will be twice as long and twice as hard.

Some in game were calling this our Easter egg hunt. I fully support this claim!

Needs mob spawn eggs as prizes! At least hide some!

Kyle thats yr 2200 post!

and thanks for the prize

Can we have iron blocks next time? I love iron. And everyone in market is out of stock… :stuck_out_tongue:

I have lots of iron Brodur! lol

ZOMG are there santa hats now?!?!?!? I have been waiting for those forever!

The chest is empty.