Hats Mod?

I was browsing on YouTube, and AntVenom’s review of the Hats Mod (by iChun) caught my eye. I would love it if we were able to download the mod. (P.S. It requires the MCForge plug-in.)

I looked into this and I believe it is a Survival/Creative mod, not classic. You had said it was a McForge mod, but I don’t see it in the following link.


We don’t do mods, only plugins, sorry fer :stuck_out_tongue:

But guys… The person with the best hat would be the best minecraft player!!! That is how TF2 works, right?

It isn’t for Classic :stuck_out_tongue: You just need the 1.5.1 MCForge plug-in.

I saw that review too fer and I was all like “ER MAH GERD PCB HAS TO KNOW ABOUT THIS” Lazy mode activated "Eh ill do it tomorrow.

That’s exactly how I felt! It was like the best mod ever. Just image everyone wearing Mr. Bubbles :smiley:

I believe it isn’t MCForge. MCForge is classic server software… You’re thinking of the Forge mod loader software, which is an easier way to load mods onto your minecraft.jar without having to mess with settings yourself.

That’d be it. Sorry :stuck_out_tongue: