Has this ever happened to you?

Hello! finally can get back on PCB via school comp! I have a Website dedicated to me! (my steam is Dopey39 FYI for future reference) Anyways, Some Guy made this shutterfly website for me and handed the ownership to me. I have edited it and working on the “About Us” section. I want people to check it out to see if you like it. I have polls set up and comments boxes prettymuch everywhere on the first page.


Thanks in advance if you checked it out! (FYI any PCB admin and obviously PCB owners get the admin status.)


No offence… but the site hurts me to look at it… too much info crammed onto one page XD

Figured as much. working on moving most of the stuff to different pages.

ah… it’s funny how you speak in third person on the about us. The site seems ok, maybe i’ll sign up later.

only took 1-2 days to edit, set up, and get everything organized

Did I find a secret button or something? The Minecraft tab has a click-able icon in the middle of the page next to the search bar.

The third person intro is a bit strange. Some revisions would be great. Include why you made the site. What is the purpose? Why should people visit it?

Overall, the site is okay. It seems like beginner’s site, but that may actually suite someone who is just experimenting with it. I think it may improve if ya keep tweaking it as you learn. Have fun with it!

WOOOOOHOOOOOO! A new version of the site is up! Well an upgraded version. If you don’t want the PRoject part of the Project Gaming in there, Feel free to let me know. Im pretty sure i can rename it.