HarryMcKelvey - 11th of October, 2014


Minecraft Username HarryMcKelvey

Date of Ban 11th of October, 2014
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by koalamama

Reason for Ban My sister Lava Griefed a city

Reason to be Unbanned I was helping with a guy with his city for days so I asked him, “What’s my credit?” He said to do more work, then he left. 2 hours later, I asked what my credit was, he said he’d put my name on a wall. I felt like I got scammed because I spent days helping him and he said I will get a lot of credit. He said, “Can you clear some land for me so I can build a building after I come back from school,” then he left. So then I left and I was talking to my sister about minecraft when I was having dinner. I told her I spent hours helping this guy build a city. She left dinner when she finished eating and logged onto my account and she greifed the city then went off. When I came back from waching TV after I had dinner, I saw it and I felt kinda annoyed. I spent so much time building it but I wasn’t so sad about it since he scammed me but I told my sister off because I could get banned from the server so I hoped I wouldm’t. Anyway later, this player called thepurplesnake said, “I’m nervous from greifing,” and I said you and my sister greifed it. Anyway I’m sorry that my sister griefed him. Please can I come back on the server? I did not mean for this to happen.

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

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Your account is your responsibility.

Despite the work put into this appeal, I’m still laughing because of how cliche it is. xDD

“My sister did it”.

Look, you, and YOU ALONE, are responsible for your account. I simply LOVE how you included a backstory that makes it only more obvious that you were upset with the person, so it only makes it worse for your case. We didn’t ban any particular PERSON. We banned “HarryMcKelvey”, for lava grief. Learn how to secure your own account. You are the one who should be responsible for having the possibility for others to access your account, if it even was someone else, because I highly doubt it.

Not my decision, but there’s my input. Whenever it ends up being lava grief, it always ends up “someone else”, so my personal feelings is that you’re full of it.

Zak pretty much summed it up. This was the worst lava grief I have ever seen. I will not unban.