Harlem Shake Hidden message?!?!?!?!?

So we all the the somewhat popular dance and song “Harlem Shake”. But anyone with a proper or even a little knowledge of spanish knows what “Con los terroristas”, With terrorists.

My question is, Is this a hidden message? If you dont know, Harlem is a place somewhere. So im kind of suspicious that when they say “Con los Terroristas” and “Do the Harlem Shake” They are gonna bomb Harlem with Terrorists. As you know, Bombs have a tendency to shake the ground where they land.

Im sure this is just my psychotic mind thinking of the impossible. But, What do you guys think?



P.S. If Harlem gets bombed. I TOLD YOU SO!!!

get outta here

:frowning: why?

you and your weird posts

I agree with Psy on this whole Harlem Shake buisiness

but but…but…


Fine Enjoy this videos posted by Captain Sparkelz


The best harlem shake so far by NODE - Freddie Wong


Well theres some insanity of mine…Nothing like everyone in school playing that in every period every second on every single freaking laptop in there. Good ol’school. Please get rid of this. My insanity has finally gone.

<3 Freddiew

Its not like harlem could get any worse.

Anyone got some ice for that BUUUURN!

Im gonna lock this topic. If yall want to talk in it Be my guest.

Sword, this sort of thing doesnt need to be locked…

I’d just woken up and my mind was mush. Looking back on it it’s shit, I agree.