i feel bad… i hope the title says it all. OPS are TALKING FOR me ???

Ops are talking for you? ??? What exactly do you mean?

you may not know this command but it goes like this: /say andy1075:and the words that they typed. You see /say makes people talk like this: bla bla bla. the normal way of chating is: andy1075: bla bla bla when you type /say they dont know who said the words. hope my unclear words helped you… i cant explain it either since its a op command…

What were they saying? Well, like what were they making it look like you said?

Do you have any pictures/screenshots?

Who were the OPs who were doing this?

well swordmaster started making me a “joker” when he knew i didnt like it. When they started talking for me i felt like im just a nothing… :frowning: i didnt know who talked for me

Well, an admin (Kyle) will check out the logs and see who did this. Could you give a time by any chance?

hmmmmm only like maybe 20 to 30 min ago or more

Alright, an admin will check it out.

i would also like to mention arkger did this to me a while back. i told EVEN told him to not do that stuff on me and still did it…

Well, I found both arkger and SwordMaster_ impersonating Fatso and other players. We need to tell them that’s not okay. They were clearly joking around with each other, but it must have confused other players because they imitated their colors as well. Please don’t pretend to be other staff. At least clear up the confusion quickly.

Johnlh97 used /say [CONSOLE] Hola
(I removed the color codes as I don’t want people copying this)

(15:31:13) SwordMaster_ used /say [Senior Op] Johnlh97: Haxor
(15:33:27) SwordMaster_ used /say andy1075: I lub tubs…:3
(13:58:49) SwordMaster_ used /say Liliana_12: I have random outbreaks of hurpity no if i, hurp, while im talking i hurp, apologize i do get carried, hurp, away when i, hurp, talk to much. i also should say i HHHHHUUUUUURRRRRPPPPPP HEEEEHHHHUUUURRRRPPPP SOME ONE HELP HUUURRRRRPPPPP DEEEERRRRRPPPPP!
(15:22:07) SwordMaster_ used /say Notch: I created Minecraft so i hope i know more commands
(19:03:44) SwordMaster_ used /say Kedji: PEANUTBUTTER JELLY TIME! PEANUT BUTTA JELLEH TIME!

(19:28:19) Kedji used /say HackerBot: Checking database…
(19:28:19) say HackerBot: Overriding Securities…
(19:28:20) say HackerBot: Setting Rank Permission to “admin”

OK this was just funny and wrong:
(19:05:37) SwordMaster_ used /say %e[OP] ItalianChild: %fDo you luv me mah love
(19:05:42) whts ur name qt
(19:05:45) wannabe my girlfriend
(19:05:54) ya:)
(19:05:57) (OPs): SwordMaster_: holy shit XD
(19:05:57) just for the game
(19:06:09) (OPs): SwordMaster_: XD lololololololololololollolol
(19:06:10) ok!!:wink:
(19:06:19) but first can you promise me
(19:06:20) Tclouchete1996 used /tp italianchild
(19:06:26) SwordMaster_ used /say %e[OP] ItalianChild: %fBACK AWAY FROM MY MAN!
(19:06:27) that you wont just dump after you sex me?
(19:06:34) (OPs): SwordMaster_: …
(19:06:34) go to the main girls
(19:06:36) I at LEAST want anal first
(19:06:40) Tclouchete1996 used /main
(19:06:49) (OPs): SwordMaster_: oh god.
(19:07:10) SwordMaster_ used /say %e[OP] ItalianChild: %fI can give you an anal if you want babe
(19:07:15) (OPs): SwordMaster_: XD
(19:07:21) (OPs): Kedji: Meh taking a while to script it.
(19:07:23) dood stop hackin me!!
(19:07:30) (OPs): SwordMaster_: XD
(19:07:35) (OPs): SwordMaster_: it isnt me
(19:07:38) Tclouchete1996 used /afk i wanna kiss italianchild if she will accep
(19:07:48) (OPs): SwordMaster_: XD
(19:07:51) (OPs): SwordMaster_: she XD
(19:08:08) anygirls here
(19:08:11) (OPs): SwordMaster_: wait what script
(19:08:12) memeeme!!
(19:08:24) go to the main with me
(19:08:32) ItalianChild used /hide
(19:08:40) srry bout my skin
(19:08:45) SwordMaster_ used /say Regiment 14: %fTake me my luver
(19:08:55) its for another thing I did I didnt change it yet
(19:09:03) take me my wife
(19:09:06) Kedji used /players
(19:09:12) wat
(19:09:16) SwordMaster_ used /say Regiment 14: %fWut?
(19:09:20) will you mary me
(19:09:25) GASP!!
(19:09:27) SwordMaster_ used /say Regiment 14: %fYes
(19:09:28) I…i…i…
(19:09:30) YES!
(19:09:42) now what do you want for dinner
(19:09:43) (OPs): SwordMaster_: who is regiment 14?
(19:09:57) you know what i want;)
(19:10:02) SwordMaster_ used /say Regiment 14: %fYour brain
(19:10:04) tell me
(19:10:12) give it to me firsst babe
(19:10:22) follow me
(19:10:27) (OPs): Kedji: Hmm.
(19:10:30) SwordMaster_ used /say Regiment 14: %fIS THIS A 3 WAY?!
(19:10:38) SwordMaster_ used /goto main
(19:11:05) SwordMaster_ used /say Regiment 14: %f i gtg bye my luvers <3
(19:11:37) SwordMaster_ used /say %c- %eRegiment 14 disconnected
(19:11:45) SwordMaster_ used /hide
(19:11:56) SwordMaster_ used /players
(19:12:05) ItalianChild used /opchat
(19:12:12) (OPs): ItalianChild: This is my first time having minecraft sex

(19:12:12) (OPs): ItalianChild: This is my first time having minecraft sex


This was merely a ‘troll’ or simply having fun by the online staff, so please do not be offended. We’re sorry for the rude behavior, but at least see that this was done purely for fun and we did not intent to harm you in any way. I pitched in too, but failed horribly. :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought your actions were fine Ked. The problem lies in how offended the “impresonated” person feels.

Some of that above is clearly in good fun. Just watch out, going too far is pretty easy.

Ahhhhhhh… I can explain…

Lol ital.

I think that kind of thing should only be used on griefers because most of them are trolls and there’s no point being a troll if you can’t take being trolled back. I do it all the time xD

:stuck_out_tongue: I love messing with trolls, even though I may not be that great with it. XD

Actually I was just horny