Happy Canada day!

Happy Canada day
Canada’s 150th birthday.
From 1867-2017
Reply the most Canadian thing you can think of.

inb4 “burning the whitehouse” comments

Americans burned the Canadian capital first


also tim hortons, moose, trees, snow, maple syrup, bad politics, vimy ridge, snow, geese, trees, tim hortons and moose. and hockey. Bruins > Canucks btw #2011

Im not for that when people say we burned down the white house i say “No the British army burned it down we brought snacks”

Maple Syrup Eh?

I’m not canadian, but I wish a Happy 150th Anniversary of their Constitution Act ;D

Sorry i can’t think of something

Happy Canada Day!
-Maple Syrup
-Free Health Care
-Best looking leader (Justin Trudeau)

Most Canadian thing you can think of?
High property values

Global News
Tim Horton’s
Maple Syrup
Justin Trudeau

Oh yeah the best country ever.