happy Birthday Yomi!

So today is Yomi’s birthday! I can’t remember how old she is, but i BELIEVE it is 21. Shes off camping with some friends on the beach, but say Happy Birthday to her anyways! =D

Happee Burfdaye!! :slight_smile:

yppaH yadhtrib !imoY

Happy birthday!

can’t tell if on purpose, or trying to impress cop on sobriety test =P

=D Happy birthday!

Wishing you a very happy birthday :smiley:

Happy birthday! Hope you had a great time camping too :smiley:

Happy Birthday Yomi! I’m back from camp, but have to go back tomorrow! :frowning: Sorry I couldn’t see you, Happy birthday fo sho though!

Hope you had a good B-day. I know that in my experience, birthdays are a little less special every year. Kinda sad. If it is your 21st on though, people like to celebrate that one, right? Enjoy!

Happy birthday Yomi, I hope it was spent well!

ty all =D. I had a fun day and I’m seeing this today =). ( i’m getting a new laptop for my study =P)

woo for new computers!

Eitherway. Happy Birthday again! glad it was a good day with your buds. are you home from the beach now? anything exciting happen? we need some details!

Happy Birthday Yomi!