its my little buddy’s birthday today! He turned 17 today!

No one made me a bday thread :frowning: jk.

Actually my birthday is really on the 25th of September and I’m turning 17 as well! So birthday twins? #illuminati

Happeh birthdah :slight_smile:

Happy birthday to Sacred and Javi! :slight_smile:

Happy birthday! Another year after being pulled sharply from the comfort of the womb! Woooooo!

What the thread title says. Hope ya had a good one. Perhaps some presents?

Lotta birthdays I guess. Mine is the 27th.

Wow a lot of birthdays this week for such a small community :O! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SACRED :smiley:

Thanks guys for all the birthday wishes! I won’t be around today to see everyone’s sadly. Happy birthday to you as well Javi! Cya guys on Friday! =D


Just had to post this fitting birthday song here as well

I’ll be sure to have a drink for you, as you’re not allowed :slight_smile: