Happy Birthday Kyle!

Happy Birthday to certainly everyone’s least favorite admin: Kyle! … Only God knows how old he is

We love you Kyle! (you old f**k)

Happy birthday

Happy 26th? Birthday Kyle!! Enjoy your day! 8)

Happy Birthday To You Happy Birthday To You I’ve Never Met You But Happy Birthday To You!! Happy Birthday Kyle

Happy Birthday Kyle =D

Happy biffday!

h b

Haapee Boifday, Mister Kyle!


Happy birthday Ky :slight_smile:

Happy birthday Dr. Bees! I mean Kyle! Hope you have an awesome birthday!

Have a very happy birthday

Happy birthday. I wish you were older so I could at least call you old man :confused:

Happy birthday, man! Have a good one :slight_smile:



Thanks everyone! I was outta town with family to celebrate. Had lots of food and roamed museums and a park with em. Bit of bar hopping too.

Happy Belatedish birthday Mate!