Happy birthday Kyle!

The all knowing database of birthdays and assorted pointless information also known as Facebook has informed me that it is indeed Kyle’s birthday!

I feel I should have planned out more of a post but I have no idea what else to say.

Happy birthday Kyle! Have a good one :slight_smile:


Liam, you’re correct. Bees: BEES!!!

Happy Birthday Kyle!

Happy birthday Kyle! Thanks fo being awesome! :smiley:

Happy birthday!

Merry Day of entering a stage of existence for all to acknowledge. May it be in an appealing fashion of your liking.

Also, Look at this doughnut thing I completely made you and didn’t steal off the internet… :I

Happy Birthday Kyle! Woop Woop!


Happy beeday… Eh… BIRTHDAY, Kyle.

LOL it’s literally the 5th image on google!

Yay kyle! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday grandpa

[size=3.95em]Happy Birthday Kyle!!!

Jeremih - Birthday Sex

Oh my god! I’m happy/surprised that someone even noticed! Thank you Liam, you stalker you!

It hasn’t even been my B-day for that long and there are so many replies. Thank you everyone!

and yes… I feel old. Stupid 28 now… at least I’m not the oldest PCB member! (now you guys will wonder who might be older, lol)

Happy Birthday Kyle! Wish I could get ya something, but I’m broke as it is.

Time zone differences allow for more replies before you notice too Kyle, I think. Either way, you’re welcome!

Hurrpy Burrdi