HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID BOWIE/ 1 year Anniversary of his death

70 years ago today, January 8th in 1947 music and film icon David Bowie was born. 1 year ago today he released his final album, Blackstar before passing away only two days later of cancer at the age of 69. Today is one to celebrate and the 10th is one to mourn and remember a legend. Thank you for everything, Mr. Bowie- the stars look very different today

Happy bday Bowie (I’m too nerd to be a fan of pop music, sorry this time joe)!

goes back to classical music corner

Happy 70th Birthday David Bowie! For about 15 days straight, I’ve learned your moves, vocals, and the lyrics to Life on Mars? What I’ll be doing from January 8th to the 10th is I’m going to host a concert (at Freehold Olympic Stadium), ingame and on https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/project-city-build! I hope that the concert will be spectacular.

 Sadly, I did not know that much about Bowie, when he passed away. The only song that I remembered before his death was Changes, and a vague remembrance of Space Oddity. In one year, I have seen almost everything about him, and his songs. 

[size=12pt]David Bowie is a man to behold, and his legacy will go on for years to come!

I would like to see this concert. Happy birthday Bowie!

Can’t believe David Bowie died one year ago… Honestly one of the most fantastic, unique and special artists in history. It would be a dream to go to one of his live concerts… Happy birthday David Bowie <3

Happy Birthday Bowie! =D

Happy 70th Birthdays, Bowie! I don’t know a lot about Bowie, but I know that 1 year ago we lost a great artist…