Happy Birthday Claudia!

I just wanted to say a big Happy birthday to Claudia. I hope you enjoy your day and get spoilt rotten! Thanks for being a great friend to so many people on PCB!

Actually for the 6th of February I was late sorry xD

I wished Claudia a happy bday from school already yesterday, but I just felt like saying this
Claudia you’re definitely one of the best friends I’ve had. When people were assholes towards me, you were there to just listen to me rant. Or whenever I needed you, you were there. I remember how we started talking when you were still a trusted. Ironically the subject was needles shivers. That is probably the only good thing about the word “needle” for me nowadays :P. I really hope you had a great day yesterday, and I hope there are many many many years to come!

Happy belated birthday Claudia!!!

and also…

was marco a herion addict? #Exposed

It was the only way I could survive

Happy Birthday Claudia!! Hope you (had) a wonderful day!!

Happy Birthday Claudia! Hope your Birthday was amazing! =D

Thank you guys for the lovely comments. Means a lot ;D

Happy 14th B-day!!!