Happy Birthday Asmodean!

Happy Birthday Asmodean/YoshYosh/Yoshi/YoshiOfTime Hope you have a great day!
From Tigerx112 X :wink:

Only three out of six things there were correct.

What were they then XD

Merry Birthmas Mr.Alwaysgonnabemodbecauseeveryoneontheserverhateshim

Gee thanks.

Happy Birthday!

Kind of awkward, since I was mistaken and thought it was tomorrow, instead. Oops. And I have already been on the server today for about an hour, and I couldn’t really say “Happy Birthday” right after Tiger (I think) said it on the server…

So yeah, Happy Birthday.

Also, I don’t remember getting one of these for my birthday 2 days ago…

Happy Birthday! I’m all outta cake, so here’s some cheese!

Happy Birthday, Asmo! Let’s hope you finally get that shiny rank up as a special gift.

Gee, thanks!

Wow, I thought I was being all original when I did my “Gee, Thanks”, but it turned out you beat me to it, I only saw it after I hit post…

Happy Birthday! :smiley:


Happy birthday!!! It looks like we have a shared b-day!

Happy birthday Asmodean,
sorry I didn’t reply sooner, I was at another friend’s party, and then found myself up to my neck in English essay.

Happy birthday!