Happy Birthday <3

[size=36pt][glow=red,2,300][size=36pt]Happy Birthday to Liam and Ducky !!![/glow]

[size=24pt]Happy Birthday from me too!


u guys old as heck


Thaaaaaank Youuuuuu! :slight_smile:

[glow=blue,2,300][size=24pt]Happy multi-coloured multi-font-sized multi-font-faced multi-glow-coloured funny-cat-picture birthday![/glow]

Edit: oh god andale mono looks like that?

Happy burfdai you nerds!

Thank you all :slight_smile: <3

happeh bday fegget

Heppy Burfai losrz

Happy birthday! Do something fun today!

Harpy buirfdaiii! Has a good one!

I was going to post on your fb wall but I suppose here would be more appropriate. Happy Birthday Ducky!!!

[size=8pt]…& Liam

So thoughtful. <3 :stuck_out_tongue: