Happy (belated) Australia Day!

So I forgot to make this post yesterday, but here it is (although a little late).

I wanted to say a happy Australia day to my fellow Aussies and I hope everyone got white gurl wasted and ate lots at their BBQ’s.

I had too much tequila and too many Zooper Doopers but I survived none the less.

So for those who don’t know, Australia day is basically about celebrating all of the cultures that make up the modern Australia, including recognizing the previous owners of the land before English occupation, the Australian Aboriginals. Lots of people take the opportunity to use Australia day as a way to accuse non-aboriginals of being imperial slave driving masters, but I honestly think in this day and age, we can move beyond playing the blame game, and all work together to make this country an even greater place to live.

I guess Australia day is to us what Independence Day is to the US, minus celebrating driving out the English (We never tried or managed to remove them xD).

P.S Here is this, basically stereotypically (although accurate shit about Australia):


I was really surprised yesterday when no one made a post about Australia Day; seems like it’s a pretty big holiday down under. Regardless, Happy Belated Australia Day to all our Aussie members!

Although I live in the UK, my form teacher’s Australian. We had Anzac biscuits, lamingtons and cold Milo.

Living the dream. 8)

Happy Australia Day from me and Deadpool

My friend is Australian, so yesterday he came in with a huge Australia badge, flag as a cape and an Australia hat. ;D