Happy 4th PCB

Hi everyone! Today is the 4th of July! If your year has been as crazy as mine you probably tend to forget things like this. Make sure to thank someone who served today. And tonight, when we are all watching fireworks and looking at the same stars, I want y’all to remember one thing. Some of us wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for those who served for our country. Never take anything for granted. :slight_smile:

Land of the free
Home of the brave

This is 'Murica

Happy 4 y’all! Hope y’all have a happy and safe 4th. (BE RESPONSIBLE WITH DRINKS AND FIREWORKS). A thanks to those who serve/served. God bless 'Murica, now y’all go eat a burger/hotdog or something like that (or something vegetarian cough cough panda :3) :wink:

I was saving this video for just this thread :smiley:




Our happy neighbours the Red devil army wanted to help you guys celebrate the 4th of July by sending you guys back to america =P

Guibo, I fucking lobed that. Bloody brilliant. :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy 4th everyone! Thanks to all of those who have served for us! Have fun at firework shows if you’re going to one, because I sure am later tonight in our convertible! Have fun, and be safe! :smiley:

Ha! July 4th nah man July 1st! To all you 'muricans have a good day(although it would have been better if you were in the commonwealth)

happy 4th of July everyone! Remember to be safe with whatever your doing, don’t do anything stupid, especially involving fireworks! have a great day everyone!

im not even a brit, and i found that fantastic


Yay for Americans who understand British humour! :wink: Stephen Merchant is brilliant. Also Wheatley.

I also noticed I said lobed rather than loved. Derp.

i’m confused… what is so important about july fourth?

Sarcasm or naw? If naw, its American Independence Day - basically they started killing Brits ;).

oh, so they got there independence from britan! i didn’t know that july 4th was a holiday sorry.

That’s what my random knowledge of history is for!