Just wanted to know what everyone did for Halloween.
I went as Burt Macklin from Parks and Rec, and went trick-or-treating with some friends around my neighborhood. Then we went to a parade that my town hosts every year where people walk down the streets of downtown in costume, and other people watch. It’s fun to see what others dress up as. Some more friends came, and then there was a big rave/party thing; everybody was dancing and they had a trapeze artist (aerial dance, not circus trapeze). The music was cool, and we had a great time. Got a nice amount of good candy, too :wink:

Post away!

I don’t really celebrate Halloween.
But today, I got to wear a fluffy jacket outside C:
It was burgundy

And got to eat chunky soup C:

I ate biscuits and gravy and sat on my ass! :smiley:

I went as a P45.

Cus, y’know, unemployment is funny.

I went trick or treating with my friends… We dressed as vampire cows and sprayed people with Fun String Spray. Good times! :smiley: :smiley:

What an amazing Halloween costume… :o

I did three nights out with different people. First night was Scarecrow from Batman Begins. Basically a suit with the mask, keeping it classy. Second - The Joker, The Dark Knight. Again just a mismatched suit with the face paint which my housemate did for me really well, looked awesome. Third, I had used up all of my good stuff and didn’t expect to go out, so I just put some red pen on a lab coat and wore that with a shirt and bow tie for the last minute crazy scientist look…

Now I’m going to sleep for three days.

I DJ’d all night at a local club, it was a great time. My costume wasn’t that great, I was Caesar, however there were some amazing costumes. It was so hard to judge the costume contest. One lady dressed up as an alien, and had completely latetexed her entire face. She looked like she had walked of the set of Star Wars! Some people have so much talent!

Went over to my friend’s house for a while to play video games and eat candy. Not bad.

i did the same thing at a 17th birthday party at a huge mansion

I went to a party and then watched the movie Saw. Fun times.

I helped my mum run a kid’s alternative to Haloween at my church.

I lead a sad, sad life…

I planned to go out Wednesday on the university bar crawl, dressed up as a zombie and everything, but drank too much and didn’t even make it to the 1st venue. Had fun though :stuck_out_tongue:

Went out last night as the Joker from the Dark Knight. Then I’ve spent today watching Netflix, eating chocolate and playing Minecraft.

Overall a pretty good week :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d rather that than freeze my ass off in British weather.