Halloween Real Life photo thread!

My Sister took this picture of me on snapchat I was the winter soldier from captain America 2 This was not my full costume I took it all off and forgot about the face paint so I took a selfie!!

[glow=red,2,300]I want to see all ya’ll in your costume for Halloween! [/glow]

make sure to tell what you where just in case us slow people don’t get it or have never heard of it.

Thanks Guys Happy Halloween!

Will post later if I remember before I head out.

I don’t know whether I should wear my big pink bear mascot costume, or my chicken costume. Or be an orphan with my friend. Too many choices. XD

pink bear. I know this for sure.

Eh. I’m going chicken. I won’t be able to see well with the pink bear. This will be my real life representation of your skin, JEDI. XD

yay! I knew I was famous but so famous as to where I have people dressing up as me?!


This is the only thing I have, Happy Halloween :smiley:

I went as an unquarantined Ebola victim

Scarecrow from Batman Begins.

I went out wearing a suit with this too, so it looked better than this.

Turns out, this mask is horrendously warm and makes it difficult to breathe. Then again, it is literally just a bag with some holes and stuff…

I was to (drunk,high,turnt-up,fuckedup,partied out) for halloween

Nice, epic, I like it.

You must be quite the party animal xDxD

He clearly has all the sweg.

I’m fucking dying ahahahahaha

I didn’t actually dress up, but I honestly only remember up until like 8pm

Radical broseph, simply radical :0)

Sick m8. Hardcore lifestyle right there.

kinda dark, but i handed out candy as anonymous

we r anonymoose
we r legon
we dnt 4giv
we dnt 4get
expoct uz