Halcyon Building ideas

Hello everyone. Halcyon needs some new building ideas! Please tell us what u want. [glow=red,2,300]Prediction: Pen will say a pool[/glow]

How about a bank?


Swimming Pool.

A giant pool (table).


A people pond (pool)

Ok I will do a pool. Just give it 23 years. jk Im on it. Even ppl that werent online when pen was talking about a pool want one. So Pool it is so far, but not until the poll ends

Where’s the option for a bar? 0_o

Pool, I suppooooooose.

Apartment Complex I would like to move in

No, pool :stuck_out_tongue:

Apartment Complex with a pool.

Ok it will be an apartment comeplex with a pool. And a grocery store on the first floor. BUT! I will need money to build it. Feel free to donate with /money pay legotrooper123 ! :wink:

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