Hai guys!

Hey! I’m new to the community! I’m looking to see some awesome builds and find cool people to play with! Hoping to have a great time!

You will definatly find all of those things here at PCB :slight_smile:

Welcome! :slight_smile:

congrazels and enjoy your stay!


I’ve already said welcome on the chat, but hello again! Hope your enjoying PCB. How’d you find the place?

Welcome. I hust about chewd anj out for bumping a thread from. 2011…damn phone


Where is that picture from, I swear I’ve seen it before… what movie, what movie!

I could be wrong, but Brodur i think its from The Little Mermaid

Nah, it’s Tarzan.

I thought he was in the little mermaid?

You guys are all wrong :confused: He’s the legendary pokemon Stitch. Derp.

Lilo and Stitch :stuck_out_tongue:

omaigosh guise

THAT IS Aladdin from The Little Mermaid. hes waving at his best gf ever, Tarzan

da fak is wrong with you?


No! You fool! It’s my random brother that I have never seen!

Ah, I knew I’d seen it somewhere.

As you can see, we have some interesting primates above this particular post…