Guys I'm back

Ok I’m back it’s bolje yet it’s me and guess what I need goffs help again. Ok goof can you pls make a nother bukkit server for me again cause I got a new PC and pls send it on my email. I’t doesn’t need to be goof it can be anyone just pls send it to [email protected].

you Bolje

Welcome back but why do you need someone to make you a Bukkit server?

I think me means someone to help him set up a Bukkit server. I’ll try to help you when I get a chance.

Welcomee back!

Yeah welcomez back bol! :smiley:

It would be nicer if you could message me… though honestly I haven’t touched Bukkit in close to five months… I have no idea what’s changed and what hasn’t. Been quite a bit busy lately. Maybe Sip can take care of it?

ok just send me an e mail If you figure it out

Hey Welcome Back. BTW why did you leave

I have some files that I can give you probably later today so that its all there and all you would have to do is click run. You may also have to port forward if you haven’t.

I use hamachi :stuck_out_tongue:

I played different games cause minecraft got boring but now it’s back again and I’m better with redstonethan ever

OK Nice maybe you can help me with redstone some times.

Sure be happy to. ;D