Gunna be less active from now...

Yeah, title says it all really.

Off to uni, less time for gaming etc. etc.

I’ll still be lurking on the forums, just don’t expect to see me in game very often…

Bai :slight_smile:


evri tim

Bah! Not you too Ruby!!

Granted, I am willing to bet you will find you have a lot more time than you think in Uni. You won’t get rid of us THAT easily, mua ha ha!

Have fun at uni bruh

I guess I’ll have to stop Bigcity form turning into this by meself then

Housekeeping time!

End of an era (yes another one).

Dun leaf us, Ouhai. Cum baaaaaaaak.

Best of luck there mate cya soon hopefully

Good luck! We will miss you rubbbyyyyuyyuuuyyyyyyyyyy

awwww :(you will be missed!
Good luck, BRUH <3

Bye, Bye Rubé we shall all miss youuu

You’ll fucking love it dude :stuck_out_tongue: But hey, I came back, you will too!

Although I may also disappear tomorrow for the same reason…

Wow are you jaking my bacon. Can’t cram in some final moments with you guys above 10fps because my pc is broken… Ah, but life is much more important than games. I think.

Bye bye Ruby, good luck with what your doing lol

I’ve just realised how many people have left since I first joined the server. How many have become less dimming. How many I relish every rare sight of.

This is the best server I’ve been on. And also one of the most depressing. And most realistic.

We’ll miss you, man. I hope we’ll be seein ya soon.

BAI!!! Oh whats Uni?

byebye ruby :frowning: i will miss you !

Uni is short for University.

You Americans call it College for some reason…