Gumball520 - 23rd of July, 2015


Minecraft Username Gumball520

Date of Ban 23rd of July, 2015
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by

Reason for Ban baing an anorying many 1 block griefs and cutting trees from a town

Reason to be Unbanned i have change for a long time pls ill help if i can ill say sorry and go somewhere far enough so i cant bother anyone

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10th of May, 2015

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Banned by @Anthjmon10 . He’ll get to this shortly. Have patience, please.

thx so much i will go as far as 100000000000 and build my house ok? thx

sorry for the tread thing

You were banned for cutting trees in my town after I have told you many times not to. Also I always found 1 block griefs EVERYWHERE from you. You have not given me a good reason to unban you. I should not have to tell you no more than once (in this case I warned you MANY times) this makes me very reluctant to unban.

im sorry i dont know what trees were you talking about and the block griefs were that i needed dirt but acsedently ggot into your big undergrodnt but when i was going to help i was banned alredy im sorry you dont have to unbann me because i was dum enough to do in somones base ant im sorry i wish i could go back in time to fix this sorry

@Gumball520 Please stop spamming other posts about your ban. Stick to this appeal, be patient.

trust me you dont have to worry is that i couldnt find my ban apeal sorry bye for today

Apparently anthjmon10 is archieved so, what do to here?

Its been more than 2 months, I say we can give him another chance.
Worst scenario we ban him again.

wow thx splat

Well, it seems that @Gumball520 checks the forums frequently and I see that as a sign that he is really committed to change.

I’m going to unban him. This is your last change @Gumball520 so make sure you don’t waste it.