Guild Base at 5630, 71, 3163

This had people included on signs on the front door.
The names are:
and icemastershield
This build was made before logs were reset, but I remember having a modernized village founded just a day after the new Creative Map came out, and this build is in maximum eyesight of any of my modernized builds that may have been built before the logs reset. It violates the policy and I already needed a wall to be built 2 months ago because of Clarita’s attempted expansion and I am sick of having to build walls around territories especially one building specifically. Can this build please get removed or w/e away? I will leave the other build nearby as it is because it is a little ways out of the maximum eyesight of my long-claimed territory. If you are wondering what I have filled in between the streets, then Neyalex and Ms_Manatee filled up 3/4 of all the blocks with houses.