Guestlobby is MASSIVELY griefed

The guestlobby on the Classic server is MEGA griefed. andy1075 tried to undo all of the greifers actions but, it seems to not be working. I have no idea why the guestlobby isn’t zoned anymore. And I have no idea why the undoing and banning is not working. It would be great if I could get some help :slight_smile:

NOTHING NOTHING I DO WILL WORK! i did /undo (players name) all for like TWENTY TIMES.
EVEN WORSE THERES NO BACKUP!!! eeek. we really need to start zoning things. also the roads in guestcity arent zoned. i zoned SOME but there are still lots. people build WAY too much on it. we really need a admins help!!

ok i noticed the greif in the lobby and i did post but i don’t think it was handled i also tried to undo it there was no change

Comming on.

[Edit] Guestlobby is now restored and the per build is at op, guestcity has now been updated, roads between lots have been modifyed and zoned, the adminum walls have be moved to fit with the new lots, the spawn has been updated.

If you find any grief on the roads, just zone that stretch of road, chances are I missed it.

thank you Fatso. lucky we have such a great admin like you :smiley:

[move] +1000000000000000000000 etc. [/move]

Andy, not sure why you were unable to use the backups. Both Fatso and I were doing some repairs due to this and we could use the backups. We may need to test to see if it is a rank issue.

Also good news is that Fatso now has his own console for the server. We both have the same controls now. This should allow him to help in ways he could not before. Yay?

I found the failed map loading and backup restoring was just down to the server needing a restart, after a quick restart the backups worked again, but only the ones that were made with the new software it seems.

Can u copy ocram_city then?

when i used /restore guestlobby all it said was NO BACKUP. Glad you fixed it :slight_smile: