gtahenz ban appeal

(I attempted multiple times but the appeal doesnt work so il try manually)
date= 3/25/2013
Staff who banned me= Milloman
Reason= xray
why should I be unbanned= Well I wasnt using the xray. PandaTimmy and I both have nodus but I only use it for the waypoint feature. Sometimes I accidentally press the hotkeys but i disable them honestly. There was an incident where a hacker was attacking us and i suggested we attack him but that was the only time. I dont know about panda but thats my story. If i get pardoned i will disable it.
server= Survival/Creative

Thanks for hearing me out guys. I just hope this gets cleared over

Nodus is worse than X-ray. Either way you two were both using ore finders. We do not tolerate members cheating, hacking, or using malicious mods to up their game. Although you say you will disable them there is no way of me knowing you will. Unfortunately you will stay banned unless someone gives me a better reason why you shouldn’t be.

uugh. Oh well. Thanks for hearing me out. :’(

Well gta and panda, my suggestion is you go over the rules featured in the bar at the top of the website and then prove to us, perhaps via the beta 1.5 server you can be trustworthy? I kind of know you two now so I am dissapointed :(.

I’m on the 1.5 server and I have the rules open. Panda is having internet issues but I have nodus disabled please give me a second chance.

Sorry guys but 1.5 or not I dont have a good enough reason to unban you for this. Nodus is one of the most malicious mods there are… Locked.

Actually, Unlocked. I’ve played with these two on the Vanilla server. I can vouch for them not using it for malicious purposes other than ore finding, which is only a minor offense. As unorthodox as it may sound, I vouch for them to be unbanned.

I second the motion, everyone falls in with xray sometime, even if only for offline,its something you just gotta get past and move on.

If you believe so then I’ll unban them in 3 days so they have some sort of punishment as well as under the circumstance that you keep a close eye on them when theve been unbanned. If anyone opposes against this please feel free to say so with reasoning. Tbh I dont want to unban you two but I dont feel like pissing hard off.

Well im not really part of this, but i looked up the powers of nodus and it is a mod mostly used for griefing and anyone who downloads it probably has the intentions to grief, i do agree with hard that they should be unbanned but closely watched after.

I’m not sure if they were using this mod, however they were such nice people and efficient workers I would be sad if they were not able to come back to the sever.

Thank you all SOO MUCH. It really means alot to us and i understand Namillo we broke the rules and we were suspicious about it. I can’t wait for us to be unbanned and im getting rid of nodus. However about the potions and diamonds mentioned on Pandas appeal, I dont know about those. But thanks again

If hard can vouch for them then hard can take responsibility over any malicious acts or harmful doings towards the server that they may cause when they’re unbanned.

Dude calm down, we won’t do nothing.


I’m just posting this cause I think project city build is an awesome server i like city servers like this one, and a friend showed me it, if I weren’t allowed back on I would be sad, and the friends I made, so once again thank you hards, brodur, etc thanks guys.

PS: We will never ever ever do anything to harm this server. =D

I know im not apart of this but i know for a fact that there are some staff/members that use a “Modded Client” buts its not for the ore finder or the nuker its usualy to find ppl or to see if anyone is in your home. I used to use it for just that, Now i just download minecraft and don’t even bother with the client.

I know inappropriate, but seriously.

Never again will I involve myself with ban appeals unless absolutely needed. I’m unbanning them both today to make everyone happy. It sucks when fellow staff dont support your opinions especially when you do it for the good of the server. Can I lock this now? /suicide.

I know this is locked, but I feel the need to say that Namillo’s actions were correct. Nam, you did the right thing to ban and you handled the appeal well. In most cases, your case against them would hold true for most griefers. This case seems to be special because they are liked so well. Not sure how they managed that!

Ban appeals exist to let other staff voice their opinions on the matter. They can vote for the appeal to be approved or not. The original banner has the right to unban at any time despite how others feel about it. They banned them, they can unban. The original banner does not have the right to shut down a ban appeal on their own.

Though I am surprised by the leniency of those here, I think I see why they vote so. Long ago I tried out an x-ray mod as well. Fun, but ruined the game very fast. Keep in mind that we often do give second chances.

Are they not still supposed to be banned for 1 -2 more days? Panda is currently online on the full smp server

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