groenink - 25th of November, 2016


Minecraft Username groenink

Date of Ban 25th of November, 2016
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by ?

Reason for Ban Offense
Gass Chamber Reference

Reason to be Unbanned Guys, it was a joke, meant to be removed. I never intended to hurt anyone. Please, just let me play… Why didnt anyone I showed this when it was built told me it wasnt allowed. I’ll remove it, but why a PERMANENT ban… Please guys, let me atleast apologise… I love this server so, so much, and this is a real f’d way to end my playtime here.
(@hywel I’d recommend changing your nickname if you didnt already)

[ Ban History ] 2 other ban appeals found
25th of September, 2016

16th of September, 2016

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Guys. Nazi jokes have been on MC since its started. That is not right, or at least on a public server. We all know that we did it at least once, but this should stop. You seem somehow apology. Considering your additions to the server, I will keep you banned for 2 weeks starting now. You are been unbanned on Dec. 9th, on REALLY THIN ICE, as what you did wasn’t nearly good. Gas Chambers aren’t a joke. They are the saddest memory of a dark past.


You will get unbanned as soon as I get on. Thin ice for your jokes.


Thanks Ferf.