groenink - 16th of September, 2016



Minecraft Username groenink

Date of Ban 16th of September, 2016
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by No idea!?

Reason for Ban Grief…!!! I have no idea guys…!

Reason to be Unbanned I had no intention to grief…! You know me guys… What have a done, please tell me! I never meant to grief anything? I dont even know what Tentari is… Please, tel me where i have done what… I was working on soo many projects… Joe? Zwinky? Ouhai? Anyone…! Please… I love this server <3

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

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banned by @Wolfiea_ for greifing Tentari


Can you give me some evidence/screenshots of what i “griefed”? Plz daddy, i wanna get back… D:


As Groenink has mentioned my name I feel its right for me to say my opinion on the ban. I feel that Gro should be given a second chance. Me and gro was working on a roman city project together and he is a great builder and is very friendly. I had zero issues with him. Up too you Wolfy


Thanks Zwinky <3…


I dont care how good he is at building or what projects he is working on. that is not a really good reason he should be unbanned for .he griefed and broke one of the rules . thats why he is banned .

You have been here for almost a month ,you should know the rules very well. building in others people citites without their permission is against the rules . did i ever give you permission to place some stupid stuff in my city?? why would you even do something like that?? . placing a pile of shit in front of a house that i built is just rude and disrespectful .


Second thoughts, I hadn’t realise he had made a “poo” to disrespect your build. Sorry gro but I take my decision back… and you have built without permission. Such a shame!


it was just a joke…
well… it was a good time… D:
say hi from me to hywel and mount, oh and callum… i really would want to see Hogwarts completed…



I think its pretty obvious Wolfy isn’t gonna unban you for some time.


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