Hey, umm i woke up this morning i had my breakfast, i came on minecraft just to see if any body is online there wasn’t, so invited my friend over but because no Operator was online i decided to check the map guestcity, umm here is a list of players that i have found griefing the whole of guest city
Phoenix76653- Griefed 68564 blocks.
blellowxephos- Griefed 46800 blocks.
animalcrackerso- Banned allready.
dynomite2013- Griefed only a house

I hope you ban some of these players.


I went to flatgrass, to show where my friend can build and i checked on my build too, one part of it is griefed, and the other part is griefed totally, nothing left of it.

Sorry for posting on the Survival! It was a mistake.

I’ll ban them once I am by my dad.

If someone else beats me to it, go on.


Banning them in a minute